MOS 12V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator Duty Descriptions

Concrete Operations Supervisor

As the Commander/Operations NCO of an EN Concrete Section consisting of 12 authorized personnel, I oversee the meticulous planning, procurement of materials, and obtain environmental and civil approvals for concrete construction projects. I am responsible for the comprehensive training, accountability, welfare, physical fitness, maintenance, serviceability, and equipment management. Additionally, I provide exceptional leadership, mentorship, and training. I am entrusted with the task of preparing and maintaining the Yearly Training Calendar, Yearly Training Brief, as well as training on METL tasks. I validate training schedules and ensure the unit’s training remains up to par. Furthermore, I maintain meticulous training records and prepare Soldiers for MOS training, NCOES/OES, and functional schools.

12V2O/Concrete Asphalt Equipment Operator

I skillfully erect and operate an asphalt plant to produce superior hot mix asphalt. With precision, I set up and operate asphalt laydown equipment to meet the specific asphalt specifications. I bear the responsibility of supervising or operating all the equipment involved in concrete and asphalt production while ensuring adherence to asphalt specifications.

Concrete/Asphalt Equipment Operator

As a proficient operator, I expertly prepare and place concrete using the advanced M5 Concrete Mobile Mixer Module. This involves loading the module with water, Portland cement, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate. I skillfully adjust controls to achieve the precise mix proportions and desired slump at the project site. Furthermore, I am proficient in site preparation and construction of concrete forms. My expertise extends to finishing concrete with finesse, and I am well-versed in conducting concrete and engineer equipment maintenance.

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