MOS 12S, Topographic Surveyor Duty Descriptions

12S Topographic Surveyor

Serves as a Topographic Surveyor for the 386th Engineer Company; conducts surveys to provide data for cartography, artillery, or aviation assistance; performs reconnaissance duties and examines survey sites to ascertain conditions and specific requirements; plans and coordinates work activities; gathers and maintains charts, maps, control lists, aerial photographs, and other topographic information for a deployable database; orchestrates surveying and computing operations; collaborates with UXO and HAZMAT teams and aids in marking designated areas.

Topographic Surveyor NCO

Functions as a Topographic Surveyor for the 818th Engineering Company; oversees field survey activities to meet task and mission demands; devises and authorizes topographic surveys; organizes and manages logistical support for topographic survey operations; determines the composition and procedures for topographic survey teams; conducts quality assessments on survey data; maintains control of assigned equipment; assumes responsibility for the well-being, development, and professional growth of six Soldiers.

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