Interior Electrician Duty Descriptions

12R20 Interior Electrician

As an Interior Electrician serving in the 123rd Vertical Engineer Company, I fulfill a critical role in providing mobility, counter mobility, and survivability support to combat forces. My responsibilities include supervising or performing the installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems and equipment. I meticulously plan the layout of electrical systems by utilizing drawings, plans, specifications, and wiring diagrams. Additionally, I actively contribute to combat engineer missions. Ensuring the health, accountability, and training of five soldiers under my command is a top priority. Moreover, I supervise the maintenance of ten pieces of equipment, valued in excess of $50,000.

Interior Electrician

In my role as an Interior Electrician, I effectively coordinate with Job Control to ensure smooth operations. I conduct thorough inspections to guarantee proper grounding and diligently maintain transformers, junction boxes, service panels, switches, electrical boxes, and lightning rods. My expertise includes reading wiring diagrams, blueprints, and repair orders. I conduct equipment and power source tests to ensure optimal operation and assess safety functions and circuit breakers. Additionally, I serve as the initial point of contact for alarm and telephone issues up to the demarcation point. Conducting inspections of power distribution systems, identifying shorts in cables and faulty equipment, and promptly addressing repairs and replacements of faulty wiring and fixtures are among my key responsibilities.

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