MOS 12M Firefighter Duty Descriptions

12M2O Lead Firefighter

As a Lead Firefighter in a Modular Ammunition Company, I hold direct responsibility for the overall management and accountability of two fully equipped fire trucks and ten sets of firefighting gear, along with associated equipment valued at over $1.3 million. My role includes the development, execution, and proficiency sustainment of the company’s firefighting section training. Furthermore, I am directly responsible for the overall management, supervision, training, professional development, health, and welfare of six soldiers under my command.


In the capacity of a Firefighter, I am engaged in conducting rescue and firefighting operations during fires, aircraft and vehicle accidents, as well as natural disasters. Additionally, I provide emergency response for hazardous materials incidents and offer assistance to law enforcement and medical personnel when required. Maintaining my lifesaver qualification, I am equipped to provide first aid to injured personnel. Other responsibilities include testing hydrant and fire suppression systems and alarms, maintaining records and reports, and operating and performing operator level maintenance on equipment and vehicles.

Senior Firefighter

As a Senior Firefighter, I take charge of firehouse operations, ensuring smooth functioning. My responsibilities encompass maintaining personnel training and qualifications while educating base agencies on risks and available fire resources. Additionally, I conduct fire prevention operations, including routine inspections and pre-fire planning, to minimize potential risks and vulnerabilities. Through analysis, I identify hazards and vulnerabilities, formulating plans to mitigate potential damages. Collaboration with various agencies helps in identifying hazardous materials and risks, further facilitating preparedness for hazardous materials emergency response. My role also involves testing hydrant and alarm systems, as well as conducting initial fire investigations.

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