MOS 12K Plumber Duty Descriptions


As a skilled Plumber, I specialize in the installation and repair of pipe systems, plumbing fixtures, and equipment. With the ability to read and interpret drawings, plans, and specifications, I ensure accurate implementation of plumbing systems. Connecting pipe sections using appropriate valves, couplings, reducers, and fittings through threading, bolting, and soldering techniques is among my expertise. Additionally, I contribute to combat engineer missions and conduct thorough inspections of plumbing facilities while prioritizing the implementation of safety protocols.

Plumbing Supervisor

In my role as a Plumbing Supervisor, I demonstrate effective leadership by directing and prioritizing improvement projects and maintenance activities for installation facilities. My responsibilities include the installation and maintenance of pipe systems, plumbing fixtures, boiler controls, water purification and distillation systems, heating systems, water supply, and water distribution systems. I am also proficient in the maintenance of wastewater pipe systems, and I conduct plumbing repairs and upkeep. Furthermore, I ensure the proper maintenance of plumbing fixtures, pipes, stacks, brackets, traps, vents, and insulation. Reading and documenting construction plans and drawings is an integral part of my work, and I possess the expertise to repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

MOS 12K/Plumbing NCOIC

As the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for MOS 12K/Plumbing, I provide supervision and leadership to a team of nine soldiers, overseeing both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks. In addition to managing upgrade projects, I prepare the section for field operations and maintain potable water systems. The installation of heaters, pipes, fixtures, and fittings falls within my realm of expertise. Moreover, I ensure the maintenance and rebuilding of pump stations, as well as the installation and upkeep of Cadillac pumps and pressure switches. I prioritize the maintenance of separation and raw sewage disposal systems, while conducting thorough inspections and adhering to stringent standards to maintain cross-connections.

MOS 12K Plumber/Pipefitter Sergeant

In my capacity as a Sergeant serving as a Plumber/Pipefitter in a Vertical Construction Company, I am responsible for the supervision, training, welfare, and morale of six soldiers. The team, consisting of Carpenters, Plumbers, and Electricians, operates under my guidance. I ensure the proper maintenance, accountability, and safe operation of vehicles, including an HMMWV, an M929 5-ton truck, as well as two 2KW generators, one three KW generator, and various sets, kits, and outfits collectively valued at over $230,000.00.

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