MOS 12G, Quarrying Specialist Duty Descriptions

Quarrying Specialist

Utilizes heavy machinery to facilitate the movement of earth, rock, and materials, establishing vital foundations for airfields, roads, dams, and buildings. Skillfully operates powerful machines to excavate, cleanse, crush, drill, and grade site layouts, ensuring impeccable precision. Executes controlled detonation of explosives to clear obstructive rock formations, enabling seamless progress. Assumes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of air compressors, pneumatic tools, hydraulic-powered rock drills, rock crushers, and screening equipment. Demonstrates competence in operating ancillary equipment such as generators, conveyors, light sets, and pumps, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of quarry operations.

Quarry Specialist, MOS 12G

Exercises authoritative oversight in coordinating the erection of rock processing equipment. Applies keen discernment to determine optimal screen sizes and crusher settings, guaranteeing the production of aggregates that adhere to stringent specifications. Directs quarry rock excavation to yield requisite sizes and tonnage of rock, meticulously overseeing each aspect of the process. Exhibits proficiency as a blaster, demonstrating utmost caution and precision. Under supervision, expertly assembles, adjusts, and operates crushing, screening, conveying, and washing units, ensuring seamless operations. Provides invaluable assistance in blasting operations and plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of combat engineer missions.

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