MOS 12F, Crane Operator Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Engineer Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) underwent a transition from CMF 12 to CMF 21. Subsequently, in 2009, there was another change in the Engineer MOS, reverting from CMF 21 back to CMF 12.

Crane Operator

Exercises the role of a crane operator for the 321st Engineer Company, responsible for the installation and removal of crane booms, extensions, and hook blocks. Executes precise movements of the crane outrigger assemblies in response to hand signals. Attaches, rigs, and disengages crane accessories. Proficiently performs diverse crane operations such as clamshell, dragline, wrecking ball, pile driving, and hook block operations. Evaluates and establishes safe lifting capacities. Provides assistance in the execution of combat engineer missions. Operates cranes along with associated attachments. Supervises operational maintenance activities on assigned equipment.

12F Engineering Supervisor

Serves as a crane operator for the 315th Engineer Battalion Vertical Construction Company (VCC). Undertakes inspections of construction and training activities. Assumes supervisory responsibilities for combat engineering missions. Operates crawler and truck-mounted cranes as well as crane shovels. Oversees general engineering tasks related to construction and utility operations. Assists the engineering officer in construction planning, scheduling, and material estimation. Contributes to the development of operation orders, standing operating procedures, and contingency plans.

Crane Operator

Holds the position of senior C4 crane operator for the 659th Maintenance Company, 264th Maintenance Battalion, 82nd Sustainment Brigade. Proficiently operates cranes and supplementary equipment. Collaborates with local and military civil engineers to determine work parameters and environmental limitations. Conducts calculations to ascertain lifting limits. Analyzes risks and takes necessary precautions to address safety concerns. Handles the movement and transfer of cargo containers. Provides support in combat engineer missions. Demonstrates competence in operating construction equipment. Undertakes user-level maintenance tasks.

Crane Operator

Demonstrates expertise in operating crawler and truck-mounted cranes as well as crane shovels. Executes clamshell, dragline, wrecking ball, pile driving, and hook block operations with precision. Accurately determines the safe lifting capacities. Installs and removes crane booms, extensions, and hook blocks. Skillfully rigs and disengages crane attachments. Positions crane outrigger assemblies and maneuvers them as required. Operates cranes with associated attachments. Assumes responsibility for operational maintenance on assigned equipment.

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