MOS 12D, Diver Duty Descriptions

12D20 Diver

Performs underwater tasks encompassing salvage operations, inspection, and maintenance of propellers and hulls, as well as the construction of piers and harbor facilities. Identifies and reports diving hazards while maintaining diving life support equipment. Prepares equipment for diving operations and conducts inspections to clear underwater obstacles. Keeps meticulous and comprehensive diving logs to ensure accurate records are maintained.

12D30 Diver

Supervises diving operations, overseeing the preparation and operation of diving equipment and watercraft support platforms. Provides guidance and supervision in the areas of demolition, including the calculation and use of explosives. Manages the utilization of underwater hydraulic and powered equipment, as well as other specialized underwater tools. Ensures the availability and readiness of the recompression chamber and life support equipment during diving and emergency operations.

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