MOS 120A Construction Engineering Technician Duty Descriptions

Construction Engineering Technician

Supervises and coordinates the construction of base camps, internment facilities, and other structures; evaluates project specifications; oversees the construction, repair, and maintenance of vertical infrastructure, horizontal roadways, and foundation networks; supervises the installation and repair of water supply systems, plumbing, sewage, and heating and air conditioning systems; inspects and approves contractor work; prepares checklists for quality control, safety, and facility inspections.

120A/Construction Engineer Technician

Represents the Commander in all aspects of construction planning; provides advice and technical assistance on all aspects of electrical power and its distribution; supervises teams engaged in theater prime power missions; collaborates with Navy Seabees and other agencies; operates and maintains power generation systems, environmental control units, water, waste, fuel, and electrical distribution systems; inspects and approves contractor work.

Construction Engineering Manager

Plans executes, and prepares planning studies for engineer projects; estimates project costs; addresses facility environmental concerns; develop training strategies; reviews and writes doctrine; delivers engineering instruction to officers, warrant officers, and NCOs; assists with disaster relief missions conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers; oversees the Environmental program and ensures compliance with Fort Polk Regulation 200-1; designates unit Environmental Compliance Officers.

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