Infantry Senior Sergeant Duty Descriptions

11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant

Serves as the principal non-commissioned officer accountable for the well-being, conduct, morale, and welfare of a 79 Paratrooper Heavy Weapons Infantry Company with the capability of prompt deployment to any location worldwide within 18 hours. Provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and the Company Commander, offering professional support in the fulfillment of their duties. Ensures the individual training of enlisted Soldiers, supervises unit physical fitness training, and advises the commander comprehensively on all aspects of training and Soldier development. Mentors junior soldiers regarding accountability and the maintenance of equipment valued at $24,000,000.


Serves as the S3 NCO for an Initial Entry Training (IET) battalion composed of six Basic Combat Training (BCT) companies, which collectively train over 5,5000 Soldiers annually. Responsible for coordinating and managing internal assets, requisitioning external assets, and providing support to the six BCT companies in the execution of the ten-week BCT Program of Instruction, along with 125 cadre members. Manages orders, taskings, school allocations, and dining facility operations. Coordinates for training areas, ammunition, and training aids to facilitate effective training. Validates and assigns responsibility for all commitments from higher headquarters, while ensuring the efficient management of internal and external assets to support the Basic Combat Training Program of Instruction.

Senior NCO in a Light Infantry Company

Serves as the senior Non-Commissioned Officer in a Light Infantry Company, acting as the primary advisor to the Company Commander and possessing expertise in individual and leadership skills. Provides guidance to the Commander regarding the unit’s health and morale, diligently monitoring the well-being and professional growth of the unit’s Soldiers. Ensures the maintenance of discipline and integrity throughout the Company, functioning as the lead trainer and mentor for the company’s Soldiers. Assists the Commander in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that contribute to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission. Operates as directed by the Commander or at the critical or decisive points within the unit.

11B48 & 11Z50 Master Resilience Trainer/Instructor

Serves as a Master Resilience Trainer/Instructor, delivering resilience training to a significant number of platoon, company, battalion, or group Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers annually. Develops, maintains, and updates course material, conducting training and evaluations for the purpose of resilience skills education and training—a vital component of the Army’s Comprehensive Fitness Program. Ensures accountability and positive control of course materials while maintaining responsibility for computers and related equipment valued in excess of $0.0. Assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, and supervision of a designated number of Soldiers and NCOs.

Command Sergeant Major

103-03 Command Sergeant Major

Serves as the Command Sergeant Major of a 695-Soldier Infantry Battalion consisting of an HHC, three Rifle Companies, and a Weapons Company. As the senior Noncommissioned Officer within the Infantry Battalion, advises the Commander on matters pertaining to the enlisted ranks. Assumes primary responsibility for the health, discipline, morale, and welfare of the Infantry Battalion. Functions as the Battalion’s senior enlisted trainer, working closely with company command teams to coach and train first sergeants and platoon sergeants, overseeing their professional development and providing advice on personnel assignments. Acts as the Commander’s representative, supervising critical aspects of battalion operations in collaboration with the Commander.

11Z Command Sergeant Major

Supervises an infantry battalion, demonstrating proficiency in planning, coordinating, supervising, and participating in activities related to the organization, training, combat operations, and intelligence of units at the battalion level or higher. Provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates while offering professional support to both superiors and subordinates in the effective execution of their duties. Assumes the role of the principal noncommissioned officer within an infantry battalion, overseeing the processing of operations and intelligence information.

First Sergeant

13Z5M First Sergeant

Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commander, playing a crucial role in the accomplishment of any assigned mission for the unit. Takes responsibility for the care and welfare of the unit, while ensuring the training, administration, discipline, professional development, personnel accountability, safety, morale, and mentoring of all assigned Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers. Oversees the maintenance and serviceability of equipment valued at over $xxxxxxxx, while establishing and enforcing standards of conduct, professional development, and physical readiness to create the necessary conditions for mission success. Assists the commander in planning, coordinating, executing, and supervising all operations.

11Z Reconnaissance Troop 1SG

Establishes and maintains the foundation of troop discipline, executing and supervising routine operations, which include enforcing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and coordinating and reporting personnel and administrative actions. Supervises supply, maintenance, communications, and field hygiene operations. Exercises supervision, inspection, and observation over all matters designated by the commander. As the primary sustainment operator, plays a crucial role in planning, coordinating, and supervising all sustainment activities that support the tactical mission. Assists the XO in critical sustainment functions, planning, rehearsing, and overseeing key sustainment actions such as maintenance and recovery, medical treatment and evacuation, and replacement and Return to Duty (RTD) processing.

11Z First Sergeant

Serves as the First Sergeant of a forward deployed Headquarters and Headquarters Company, providing valuable administrative and tactical operational advice to the Company Commander. Supervises scout sections, mortar platoon, medical services, and staff operations on a daily basis. Assumes responsibility for the health and welfare of 246 Soldiers and their families. Oversees the upkeep of three Headquarters buildings and one barracks, along with associated property valued at over $240,000. Takes charge of maintaining the medical and physical readiness of 246 Soldiers, while overseeing Company counseling, reception and integration, and sponsorship programs.

First Sergeant of a Mechanized Infantry Company

Serves as the First Sergeant of a Mechanized Infantry Company within the First Cavalry Division, which possesses the capability to execute multiple worldwide contingency missions. Responsible for the training, discipline, morale, and welfare of 141 Soldiers and their families. Acts as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Company Commander, overseeing daily unit logistics, maintenance, administration, and training operations. Ensures the enforcement of unit discipline and standards while ensuring all Soldiers are adequately trained and deployable. Develops Non-Commissioned Officers and mentors junior Officers within the Company.

11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant/First Sergeant

Instructs platoon sergeants and the commander, providing assistance in training all enlisted members. Promotes enlisted welfare, morale, and health issues, assisting the commander in maintaining discipline and standards of conduct. Offers guidance on matters of leadership, military justice, and customs and courtesies.

First Sergeant: Basic Combat Training (BCT) 11Z5M

First Sergeant for a gender-integrated Basic Combat Training company assigned the mission of providing tactically competent, physically fit, values-based, and highly motivated Soldiers. Responsible for the safety, health, welfare, morale, discipline, professional development, and training of 12 Drill

First Sergeant: Basic Combat Training (BCT) 11Z5M

First Sergeant for a gender-integrated Basic Combat Training company assigned the mission of providing tactically competent, physically fit, values-based, and highly motivated Soldiers. Responsible for the safety, health, welfare, morale, discipline, professional development, and training of 12 Drill Sergeants, one DA-Civilian, a supply sergeant, a supply specialist, and 960 Initial Entry Soldiers annually. Acts as the primary advisor to the company commander in establishing unit policies, procedures, and training guidance. Ensures accountability of equipment valued in excess of $1.5 million.

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