MOS 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman Duty Descriptions

11C2O Mortar Section Leader

A dignified position bestowed upon an individual, designated as the Leader of a Mortar Section comprising six proficient personnel proficient in operating a 60mm Mortar. The said section is assigned to a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop. The distinguished responsibilities encompass safeguarding the well-being, welfare, and morale of all the assigned Soldiers. The primary focus lies in enhancing marksmanship abilities, physical fitness, proficiency in gunner and crew drills, as well as executing dismounted reconnaissance operations. Furthermore, this role entails providing valuable assistance and guidance to the Troop Commander regarding the tactical and technical employment of two 60mm mortar systems. Overseeing the section’s administrative actions and logistics, as well as ensuring the maintenance and accountability of all MTOE equipment and assigned property, are additional crucial duties.

Mortar Section Leader (Stryker)

The honorable position of Mortar Section Leader is assigned within a Stryker Battalion Combat Team. The utmost responsibility lies in ensuring the well-being, training, and overall development of nine proficient Soldiers. Assisting the FSO and the Commander, this role involves meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and the efficient execution of all individual and collective training sessions. These training sessions are meticulously designed to prepare the soldiers for rapid real-world deployments. In addition, it encompasses utilizing company mortar assets to provide crucial support during combat operations. Maintaining the accountability and readiness of two mortar carrier Strykers, equipped with 60mm and 120mm mortar systems, each valued over 8 million dollars, is an essential aspect of this role.

Mortar Section Sergeant

An esteemed position, held by an individual titled Mortar Section Sergeant, leads a six-member Airborne Infantry 60mm Mortar Section. This distinguished role carries the responsibility of ensuring the well-being, welfare, and morale of the personnel. Emphasis is placed on individual training, focusing on marksmanship skills, physical fitness, gunner and crew drills, as well as Airborne operations. Additionally, the Mortar Section Sergeant provides valuable assistance and advisory support to the Company Commander regarding the tactical and technical employment of two 60mm mortar systems. Supervising the section’s administrative actions and logistics, as well as overseeing the maintenance and accountability of all MTOE equipment and installation property, valued in excess of $250,000, are among the significant responsibilities associated with this position.

11C3O Armored Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop

Serving as a Section Leader in an armored cavalry reconnaissance troop, specifically as the leader of a mounted 120mm mortar carrier, this position entails the daily duties of overseeing the morale, health, welfare, and professional development of four proficient Soldiers. Responsibilities encompass receiving and processing fire missions for the assigned section, providing accurate and timely fire support to both mounted and dismounted reconnaissance troops. In addition, this role involves providing advice and assistance to the Platoon Sergeant on the effective combat employment of mortars. The maintenance and accountability of equipment valued over $2 million are also vital aspects entrusted to the Section Leader.

Squad Leader 

The position of Squad Leader holds paramount importance within a mortar section. This role entails leading a mortar section that has a crucial wartime mission of deploying to any part of the world as an integral part of a Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT). The Squad Leader assumes responsibilities such as ensuring the welfare, discipline, training, morale, and professional development of eight competent Soldiers. Proficiency with the plotting board, Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer (LHMBC), and Mortar Firing Computer System (MFCS) is diligently maintained by the Squad Leader. Proficiency in all Fire Direction Center (FDC) duties and the effective utilization of the squad as a valuable Company Asset are key responsibilities. Moreover, the Squad Leader assumes the crucial role of maintaining and ensuring the accountability of all squad equipment, which holds a significant value exceeding $4,000,000.

11C Fire Direction Check Computer 11C20B1

Excelling in the capacity of a Fire Direction Check Computer for a 120mm Mortar Platoon, which operates within a fully digitized Combined Arms Battalion, this role encompasses various important duties. The individual is responsible for the training, mentorship, health, morale, and welfare of three dedicated Soldiers. Efficiently receiving and processing fire missions for the battalion in order to provide accurate and timely fire support is a crucial aspect of this position. Additionally, the supervision of maintenance and accountability of essential equipment, including a M577, communications equipment, and a Mortar Fire Control System, falls under the purview of the Fire Direction Check Computer. The equipment being accounted for holds a value in excess of $500,000.

Section Sergeant 11C30

The esteemed position of Section Sergeant carries the responsibility of overseeing the daily duties of 24 Soldiers within a rapid deployment unit. This role entails receiving and processing fire missions for the battalion, ensuring accurate and timely fire support. The Section Sergeant also provides valuable advice and assistance to the Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Leader on the effective combat employment of mortars. Furthermore, this position holds accountability for over $2 million worth of equipment, ensuring its maintenance and meticulous record-keeping. Mitigating risk through efficient risk management procedures is an additional aspect that falls within the Section Sergeant’s responsibilities.

Squad Leader 11C20

Acting as the Mortar Squad Leader within a Stryker Infantry Company, this role encompasses crucial responsibilities. The Squad Leader is entrusted with the training, health, morale, welfare, and discipline of five dedicated Soldiers. Maintaining regular communication with the Platoon Sergeant to provide updates on squad status, including accountability, combat readiness, education, personnel actions, and promotions, is a vital aspect of this role. Additionally, the Squad Leader directly supervises the maintenance and accountability of squad equipment, which holds significant value.

Mortar Platoon Sergeant

Assuming a position of great responsibility, the Mortar Platoon Sergeant is entrusted with overseeing the morale, health, and training of a 23-member Mortar Platoon. The effective utilization, maintenance, and accountability of all platoon-assigned weapons, night observation devices, communications equipment, and individual equipment, valued over $2,500,000, are essential responsibilities. Furthermore, the Mortar Platoon Sergeant plays a crucial role in counseling, disciplining, and developing soldiers and NCOs into competent leaders. Maintaining the highest state of combat readiness and providing valuable advice to the Mortar Platoon Leader, Operations Officer, and Battalion Commander regarding the tactical and technical employment of mortars are significant aspects of this role.

11C2O Mortar Squad Leader

Serving as the Mortar Squad Leader within a light infantry mortar section, this distinguished position entails thorough preparation for rapid deployment in support of worldwide contingency operations. The primary objective revolves around providing timely and accurate indirect fire support to the company. Additionally, the Mortar Squad Leader plays a pivotal role in computing data for the Section Leader, maintaining ammunition records, applying meteorological and registration data, and assuming control of a gun during split operations. Ensuring the proper tactical employment of mortars during individual gun movements and taking charge of the training, welfare, morale, and administration of four Soldiers are key responsibilities. Moreover, meticulous attention is given to maintaining and preserving weapons and equipment valued at over $250,000.

Section Sergeant 11C3O

In the capacity of a Section Sergeant, responsible for leading a mortar section and supervising Fire Direction Center personnel, this role encompasses various important duties. Providing tactical and technical guidance, as well as professional support to subordinates and superiors, is a primary responsibility. The Section Sergeant receives and issues orders, coordinates indirect fire support for the mortar section, ensures the collection and proper reporting of intelligence data, and analyzes terrain. Conducting tactical operations for a squad and NBC operations, maintaining operational security, and preparing, operating, and maintaining secure communications equipment are additional crucial responsibilities. Moreover, the Section Sergeant reciprocally lays mortars and consolidates and reorganizes the mortar squad.

Squad Leader 11C3P

Assuming the role of Squad Leader within a rapid deployable Airborne Cavalry Squadron, specifically in a 120mm and 60mm Mortar Section forward deployed to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in support of combat operations, this position entails various responsibilities. Assisting the Section Leader in tactical employment and combat training of the section, the Squad Leader is responsible for the discipline, morale, welfare, and training of a 4-man Airborne Cavalry Mortar squad. Ensuring the squad’s assigned weapons, vehicle, and personnel are combat-ready and capable of deployment within 18 hours of notification is of utmost importance. Additionally, the Squad Leader is responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one M998 and all associated equipment, which holds a value in excess of $500,000.

11C10 Mortarman, Light Infantry

Serving as a Mortar Team member within a Mortar Platoon capable of worldwide deployment in support of contingency operations, this role encompasses various positions such as Gunner, Assistant Gunner, and radio operator. The primary responsibilities include maintaining and ensuring the welfare of the fire crew and equipment. The Mortarman is entrusted with the timely and accurate indirect fire support of a light infantry battalion engaged in combat operations.

Squad Leader, Light Infantry 11C20B1

As a Squad Leader within an 81mm/120mm (Medium) mortar platoon, capable of worldwide deployment in support of contingency operations, this role assumes several crucial responsibilities. These include providing technical and tactical training, ensuring the health, welfare, and physical fitness of five Soldiers. The Squad Leader plays a vital role in providing timely and accurate indirect fire support to a light infantry battalion involved in combat operations. Furthermore, the Squad Leader is accountable for the maintenance and accountability of one HMMWV and indirect fire equipment valued at $200,000.

Squad Leader 11C2O

Operating as a Squad Leader within a mechanized 120mm Mortar Platoon, this position carries significant responsibilities. The Squad Leader is responsible for the welfare, health, morale, and training of four Soldiers. Additionally, the Squad Leader is accountable for the maintenance and accountability of one M1064A3 mortar carrier and all associated equipment, valued in excess of $600,000. The Squad Leader assumes control over the tactical movement of the Squad, strategically placing the vehicle and Squad into firing positions. Ensuring the timely and accurate application of firing data and conducting emergency missions when required are essential aspects of this role.

The Mortar Platoon Sergeant assumes a pivotal role as the principal assistant to the platoon leader, providing support and expertise in all aspects of platoon training and operations. In the absence of the platoon leader, the Mortar Platoon Sergeant assumes his responsibilities and carries out the following duties:

  1. Conducts thorough inspections and ensures the execution of the platoon leader’s orders.
  2. Leads the reconnaissance party and conducts necessary route and position reconnaissance when required.
  3. Supervises movements, particularly when the platoon operates in two sections, often directly overseeing one of them.
  4. Takes charge of supervising the preparation of the platoon’s ground defense.
  5. Oversees tasks related to camouflage, field hygiene, and sanitation.
  6. Ensures the platoon’s security and sleep plans are well-implemented.
  7. Takes responsibility for laying the mortars for firing when the situation demands.
  8. Ensures accurate situation maps are maintained within the Fire Direction Center (FDC).
  9. Applies available meteorological data to firing data when appropriate.
  10. Supervises the test firing and zeroing of weapons, as well as the boresighting of mortars.
  11. Establishes communication nets and ensures personnel adhere to proper radiotelephone operating procedures.
  12. Ensures that platoon personnel are trained not only in their primary job assignments but also cross-trained to perform key functions within the FDC.
  13. Ensures the availability of the required basic load and platoon equipment.
  14. Monitors ammunition expenditures and maintains accurate ammunition records.
  15. Submits timely requests for ammunition resupply.
  16. Supervises ammunition prestockage, if utilized.
  17. Provides active supervision of maintenance activities through subordinate leaders.
  18. Coordinates and supervises the resupply of POL (petroleum, oil, and lubricants) and maintenance support.
  19. Coordinates and oversees vehicle recovery operations.
  20. Requests fortification materials as necessary.
  21. Coordinates platoon resupply needs effectively.
  22. Adjusts personnel assignments as needed and cross-levels personnel within mortar squads to ensure maximum firepower.
  23. Conducts hasty crater analysis and submits SHELREPs (shell reports) and MORTREPs (mortar reports).
  24. Ensures proper declination of aiming circles.
  25. Ensures that safety inspections, borescope inspections, and pullover gauge inspections are performed and documented as required.
  26. Coordinates casualty evacuation procedures.
  27. Assists in the preparation of paragraph 4 of the platoon’s operation order (OPORD).
  28. Shares similarities with the responsibilities of an 11B (Infantryman), but carries greater responsibility and undergoes a more extensive basic training program known as OSUT (One Station Unit Training).

The Mortar Platoon Sergeant’s role is crucial in ensuring the platoon’s effectiveness and readiness for mission success.

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