MOS 11A Infantry Officer Duty Descriptions

11A Reconnaissance Troop Commander

Leads a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop consisting of 79 Soldiers; accountable for the training, operations, well-being, morale, and discipline of all assigned personnel; formulates and implements training and maintenance programs to ensure fulfillment of combat power requirements; envisions and depicts the operational area, directs actions for achieving desired outcomes, and guides the troop towards mission accomplishment; serves as an authority in dismounted reconnaissance; mobilizes for state missions, as directed by the Governor of the State of New York.

11A Reconnaissance Troop Executive Officer

As the Troop Executive Officer, oversees and monitors Troop operations; receives, verifies, and consolidates digital and voice reports, forwarding them to the Squadron and adjacent units; ensures conversion of voice reports into digital format to enhance situational awareness of friendly and hostile forces; assumes responsibility for the Troop command post, planning and supervising its sustainment efforts; assists in the formulation of Troop-level operations orders and planning; coordinates with higher, adjacent, and supporting units; aids the commander in issuing orders to the troop headquarters and attachments; undertakes additional missions as needed; assumes command of the troop when required; serves as the Platoon Leader of the Headquarters Section; accountable for the maintenance and inventory of all Headquarters and Troop equipment; Additional responsibilities include: Safety Officer, Hazmat Officer, Unit Maintenance Officer, TMDE Alternate, Unit Dispatcher, Unit Movement Officer, Logistic Readiness Officer, Air Load Planner, Unit Load Team, Container Control Officer, and Unit Supply Officer.

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